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Social Entrepreneurs 

At SDG Impact Stories, we believe that small to medium-sized purpose-driven businesses can have a major impact on their communities locally, and globally. Social entrepreneurs not only have a positive impact but are profitable as well, which is essential for long-term growth. 

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South & Eastern Asia

SDI Academy

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In Singapore, low-wage migrant workers make up 15% of the population. Some flee to escape conflicts or climate change, others flee from poor working conditions, economic instability, lack of access to quality education, and much more. However, moving to a new country as a migrant comes with numerous cultural, legal, and self-development barriers.


Meet SDI Academy, a social enterprise that empowers migrant workers to contribute to society by thriving in their workplace through high-level classes in communication, computer literacy, and entrepreneurship. Students are trained to efficiently operate specific softwares, build business plans from scratch, and pitch their ideas.


Founded in 2013, the academy has trained over 8.5k students in person, delivering over 250k hours of lessons, across Singapore, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Germany. They trained an additional 10k students online. SDI continues to work with partners such as the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore and Migrant Workers' Centre to scale this up quickly.

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