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Social Entrepreneurs 

At SDG Impact Stories, we believe that small to medium-sized purpose-driven businesses can have a major impact on their communities locally, and globally. Social entrepreneurs not only have a positive impact but are profitable as well, which is essential for long-term growth. 

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Vula Mobile

Vula Mobile YT.png


Communication between healthcare workers and specialists is a big challenge in emerging countries, especially in rural areas. In South Africa, local doctors often have to deal with poor communication systems, long hours of paperwork, frequent load shedding, and an overall stressful environment.


Vula Mobile facilitates referrals between healthcare workers and medical specialists, allowing them to manage patients’ cases remotely. Specialists have access to structured information about the patient, allowing them to assess their needs, and send back medical advice in a short period of time.


As of May 2022, more than 26k healthcare workers were registered on the Vula app, benefiting over 750k patients. Vula's impact translates into an average saving of 2.3 million USD for patients for not missing out on work, and another 3.2mio USD saved in unnecessary costs for medical experts.


More coming. Work in progress...

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