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Social Entrepreneurs 

At SDG Impact Stories, we believe that small to medium-sized purpose-driven businesses can have a major impact on their communities locally, and globally. Social entrepreneurs not only have a positive impact but are profitable as well, which is essential for long-term growth. 

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Historically, Colombia's traditional financial system has created more opportunities for agricultural companies located in urban versus rural areas. In Colombia, 6 out of 10 farmer families do not own the land they operate in. Many of them lack the knowledge, skills, and financial resources to develop and grow.


Agrapp is a web financing platform that connects investors with small and medium-sized rural projects to empower producers and develop the agricultural sector within the country and in Latin America. In addition to financial support, the company helps these farmers better structure, manage and operate their businesses.


To date, Agrapp has helped to finance over 80 small and medium-sized farmers through 400 investors. They reached 900k USD in investments for these communities, created 250 jobs, and increase farmers' income by up to 400%.

Latin America

More coming. Work in progress...

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