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Social Entrepreneurs 

At SDG Impact Stories, we believe that small to medium-sized purpose-driven businesses can have a major impact on their communities locally, and globally. Social entrepreneurs not only have a positive impact but are profitable as well, which is essential for long-term growth. 

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Bertrand Gacon

impaakt YT.png


Efficiently measuring businesses' overall impact on people and the planet is essential, but complicated. Which metrics to use ? Should we rely exclusively on data from the companies themselves? How do we avoid greenwashing and measure the real impact of a company?


Impaakt is an impact measurement platform that relies on a community of 50k certified impact raters and analysts, to assess the social & and environmental impacts of major companies worldwide, looking beyond ESG metrics. The goal is to create the ultimate resource of objective, quality impact information for investors and consumers.


Since 2018, Impaakt has trained over 50k impact raters and about 600 certified analysts, translating into 35k impact analyses and over 1M impact ratings, covering the impact of 5000+ companies. Notably recognized as "Best ESG Fintech" by Global Finance Magazine in 2022.


More coming. Work in progress...

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